Interaction Designer, UX researcher, writer, trilingual, foodie, leftie, doodler, ddr obsessed

Hi There! I am known as Tiffany, T-Wazzle, Tiff, Tiffang, Tiffangly, etc.

I am curious product designer who is passionate in exploring new ways to solve un-met problems through deep research, engaging storytelling, intuitive systems and clean visual design.

Having worked as a UX researcher and UX designer respectively, I have developed the mindset to think broadly and deeply about users end-to-end experience while meeting business goals. My strengths include synthesizing research and taking best design practices to turn them to into meaningful design, time management and collaboration. 

My goal is to create solutions that enhance productivity in everyday situations, strengthen interpersonal relationships and tackle existing problems to create social impact.


I have previously worked on mobility experiences at Ford, enterprise software at DocuSign and accessibility for non-profit organizations at Capital One.


I write, volunteer at non-profit organizations and design events, mentor designers, and promote diversity and self-growth by bridging the design community. When I am not doing any of those things, you might find me playing DDR, exploring the city with friends, or trying out the latest food trends.

Let's Connect!

I love meeting other designers and sharing stories. Free free to connect with me on Linkedin and let's learn from each other!